Friday, March 14, 2008

Stuff in Your Teeth

I always hate to find out at the end of the day that I have food pieces in my teeth and none of my really good friends, co-workers, or family members thought to tell me about it. This makes me feel betrayed, unloved, and mean in my heart. Sometimes it's actual pieces of food. Sometimes it's little bits of black pepper in the crevasses of several teeth. This makes one's mouth a thing of great beauty.

Several years ago I was selling House and Lloyd Toys and Gifts in Canon City. I had gone to the house of a women to have a party and demonstrate the items for sale. After I got there the hostess continued working on something in another room while we were waiting for guests to arrive. Well, we waited a long time before anyone came.

The hostess had a little girl I had met before. I already knew she was pretty strong-willed and liked to have things her way. Well, she and I were waiting together in the living room. The refreshments were already set up and they were Oreo Cookies. The little girl really wanted me to eat some cookies while we were waiting. I told her I didn't want to because it would cause me to have black stuff in my teeth. Well, over and over she told me to go ahead and eat some cookies, that I wouldn't have black stuff in my teeth.

Finally I went ahead and ate a cookie or two. I worked diligently at making sure I didn't have any black stuff. I don't know if I did or not. I do believe that little pushy girl probably wouldn't have told me if I had anything in my teeth. I think maybe I should just have left all the black stuff and been a raving (as in lunatic) beauty.

One time for Halloween I had bought some really ugly crooked teeth to wear. Our church had a Harvest Festival in a building at the Fairgrounds. A group of ladies and I were singing a special for the program. The program was mostly goofy, and I think the song we sang was goofy. I was also playing the keyboard and only singing on the chorus. My mouth was shut until it was time for me to sing, so people couldn't really tell that I had the teeth in. Keep in mind most of the children were sitting right up in front of the stage where we were singing. As soon as I opened my mouth, they were shocked and awed by my teeth. They stared the whole time at me. Later after the program was over, one of the little kids came up to me and said, "Those aren't real," as if I had been trying to pretend they were, but I didn't fool him!

When Jen was little, her dad used to let food be in his teeth or hang out of his mouth. This would drive Jen wild. She couldn't stand it, but the rest of us laughed with great enthusiasm at her. I think she would still react the same way today.

Having stuff in your teeth isn't all good, but it's not all bad either.


Momstheword said...

When I was in high school, I spent a whole day at school with one boob lower than the other, no one took me aside to tell me.

Julie said... is that possible mom? I wouldn't know about that. anyway, I hate seeing people with food in their teeth, because I feel like I should tell them. i'ts a horrible responsibility. horrible!

Kay said...

I will tell almost anyone that they have food in their teeth.
I will tell almost no on that they have one boob lower than the other. I'm with Julie. I don't really see how that can happen. But don't explain, please.

People in m world will not tell me if I have stuff in my teeth. It is a total self-help situation.

Momstheword said...

It's called having one strap looser than the other strap. And having on a sweater that wasn't exactly baggy.

Robin said...

You ladies crack me up :) Thanks for the smile.

Jen said...

I wish my boobs were big enough to have the option of one hanging lower than the other one.

And no, I still can't stand it when he has things on his lip or cheek. It drives me crazy!

Julie said...

Jen, we wake up and do our face and hair and decide, hmmm... should my left be higher or lower or even today. LOL I crack myself up!

Momstheword said...

There are just too many smart alec girls in this family!

Jen said...

True, true.

QOTW said...

Now, boobs and teeth are two different things. I really wouldn't expect anyone except maybe my dot or my husb to tell me about my boobs. I just expect the other people not to be looking!

What about front and back of a skirt being different levels because of parts that stick out differently? Or when your hair is two different lenghts at each ear. (I just got my hair cut, and that seems to be the case--will anyone tell me? They better not!) Or maybe when your eyes are two different sizes. Maybe this could go on and on. I know I could.

I've enjoyed the fun comments. You all are a little or a lot goofy. My kind of people. Q

Momstheword said...

Somethings we are already painfully aware of, such as hair cut too short on one side, bottom that pokes out, etc. But most of your girlfriends should notice that one boob is lower than the other and whisper in your ear while you're in the ladies room or something. Unless you are deformed and then they shouldn't mention it. :>)

QOTW said...

Deformities are in the mind of the beholder.