Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thursday--13 Sayings

I am listing 13 sayings that I have known, loved or hated over the years.

1. From my mother: Didn't you even think about doing it right?
2. From my mother: Don't look at me like that! (I tried many different looks trying to come up with the right one.)
3. From my mother: Just tell God that you are willing to be made willing.
4. From my husband when asked what would be his greatest wish: For you (QOTW) to quit talking. ( I don't take that seriously.)
5. From the Watergate hearings from John Dean (I think): To the best of my recollection....
6. From my daughter when she was little: I don't want a big nose like yours.
7. From my son when he was young: I wish I could live in a boarding house so I could finally get something good to eat. (I believe that could be arranged.)
8. From a little girl I babysat many years ago when asked if she wanted more ice cream: It don't matter. (I didn't really know what that meant, so I kept piling it on.)
9. From many people: I love you.
10. From Mr. Spock (Star Trek): The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.
11. From an advertisement: Take me away, Calgon.
12. From Clint Eastwood (Dirty Harry?): Make my day.
13. From Arnold Schwartzenhager in nearly every movie he made: I'll be back.

There are many better quotes than these especially from the Bible. I may make that list next time. QOTW


Kay said...

QOTW, (Quiet Old Tiny Woman)

This is a great list! And some great quotes!
Part of the purpose of this TT is to go to the official Thursday Thirteen site, (google it, cuz I don't know) and add your info to the list and then strangers will come read your list.

Jen said...

What about "Your mighty pretty when you're angry..." or "Stupid? You should see my mother-in-law, she's really bent over!" or "I don't get it, but you're going to."

Those are my favorite non-favorite quotes.

Julie said...

I remember your mom saying (I think you or Gail told me this, or she might have) "Don't worry, they might kill you, but they won't eat you" Some how that is a little comforting.

QOTW said...

Thanks for the comments. I like the additional quotes that were mentioned. Maybe I'll have to do a quote list of things great and wonderful that I have said. QOTW
Qualified Ordinary Time Wiggler

Momstheword said...

How about this one? When I was hanging around the house too much: "Go outside and get the stink blowed off ya."

Robin said...

Kay the first time I saw QOTW -Question of the Week popped into my mind, but then I saw what it was intended to mean :)

QOTW - I love your sense of humor!

Jen said...

In High School, she used to make all my friends call her "Queen" for short. You're a mess, I say. A mess!