Monday, March 24, 2008

My Dad

Today is the tenth anniversary of my dad's death. Vernon Paul Horn, 77, passed away March 24, 1998. Father of Paula (Gary) of Pueblo, Gail (Bryan) of Colorado Springs, Keith (Rondii) of Pueblo. Also survived by his sister, Wilma of Lamar; brother Leslie of Springfield CO; grandchildren, Aaron, Jennifer, Caleb, Benjamin and Travis. Preceded in death by his wife, Margaret on December 5, 1997; parents Arthur and Goldie; brother, Calvin; and sister Alma. Born August 19, 1920 in Las Animas, CO. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army during World War II and was a POW in Germany for more than a year. He also received a Purple Heart for being shot in the leg. He owned and operated Vern's Alignment Service until his retirement. His favorite pastime was fishing. His funeral service was on March 28, 1998, and he was buried at Mountain View Cemetery.

Dad was a wonderful provider. He was faithful to his wife and his family. He trusted Christ as his Savior when I was in 5th grade. He attended church after his salvation for a short time and for awhile sometime later. He read his Bible quite a bit and was faithful to tithe. I didn't know he had a sense of humor until I was an adult, probably because I didn't understand it.

As a mechanic with his own business for many years, Dad was scrupulously honest and fair. One time a man drove his own car up on the car rack so Dad could look under the car. Well, the man didn't have permission and ended up driving his car off the rack. My dad went ahead and fixed the damage for him.

Dad was a great fisherman for many years. Mostly he fished up and down the Arkansas River. He didn't really like to eat trout, so he ended up releasing them or giving them away to pleased strangers or friends.

When my mother passed away in December, three months before he did, it was a difficult time for him. The family, two caregivers and a friend stayed with him around the clock. I think at the beginning of that time he probably could have taken care of himself, but I think he didn't want to be alone in the house. Just before Christmas that year, Dad went into the hospital to have a hernia corrected. At that time he was found to have lung cancer. He told me he wished he had stopped smoking sooner.

On Sunday, 03/22/98, while my sister was staying with my dad, he told her to call an ambulance because something was very wrong. He was taken to the hospital that afternoon. Very quickly he lost many of his abilities until by Tuesday he was in a coma. He passed away that evening while several family members were there with him.

Dad was a good man. He always tried to do things right. I remember when some of us were out in the parking lot of the hospital right after he died, I told my uncle I wished I had told Dad to tell my mom hello. He said that by the time Dad got to do that, I would be up there myself. He meant that time is very short and even if I lived another 50 years, it would just be a very short time.

Your time is short too. Have you accepted Jesus as your Savior? Are you ready to go?


Julie said...

I liked your dad a lot. He was a great uncle. I remember that he didn't like to talk about the war much. He was quiet with his humor, and he enjoyed his tv shows. He tried to teach me how to tie a fishing fly, but I just wasn't interested in doing it- I enjoyed watching him do it though. I also liked how he could make your mom just hush up about something( but that had to be submission on her part :) )

Kay said...

I always like uncle "Berndon" I think that's how mom said I used to say it. I kinda admired him from afar. But you know me. I didn't admire much of anyone from up close and personal. I used to go down there to the basement to see him. Maybe because he gave me candy. Turtles.
He helped me out a couple of times when I lived in Pueblo. Driving me to the doctor when I was too sick.
And the last time I went fishing with him, I was a grown woman, but still stupid enough to stick my finger into the hole the wet wipes come out of. Of course, I couldn't pull it back out. I was very embarrassed and he had a very odd look on his face as he cut it off my finger for me. I never figured out if he was irritated or trying not to laugh.

Momstheword said...

As reserved as your dad was about personal things, it surprised me how he began talking so much about the Lord and about Heaven and how he had accepted the Lord years before. This was after your mom's death. I think he wanted to be with her again. He also opened up some about his captivity there toward the end. He was a really good man and good to us when we were kids. Thanks for your tribute to him.

P.S. Kay, I think he was probably trying not to laugh!

Robin said...

What a beautiful tribute!