Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Little Brother

My little brother is almost ten years younger than I am. When he was born, the neighbors got to look at him before my sister and I did. I was not happy about that. It wasn't right.

As a side note, my mother showed me how to do wash just in case it needed to be done while she was in the hospital having the baby. When I got up the next morning and found out she had gone to the hospital, I immediately set about doing the laundry. I washed something red with the other clothes, and everything became a lovely shade of pink. Apparently there were other considerations than just putting the clothes in the washer. I now like to think of those pink underwear as a lovely memory of the day.

I didn't really have to take care of my baby brother too much when he was a baby. My mom wasn't working then, and she did all the caretaking. He got very sick when he was just a few months old, and I remember my mom crying as she rocked him. I now know he could have died then, but I didn't know anything about that then. My mother said she felt the presence of an angel sometime during that sickness. If you knew my mother, you would know she wasn't given to flights of fancy. She was a wonderful Christian who led many people to the Lord and who spent many hours studying God's Word and teaching it. So when she said there may have been an angel, all I can do is believe it.

My sister and I used to help my brother say his prayers at night when he was really little. We had him say, "God bless my family." The way he actually said it was, "God bless my flammy." We loved for him to say that. When he got a little bit older and said the words correctly, then we would make him say, "God bless my flammy." We just didn't want to let it go.

In my family the chief form of discipline was spanking. I was the QUEEN of spankings. I got many, many. Well, my sister and I used to discuss that we felt like the brother deserved to get spankings much more often than he did. However, when he received a spanking, my sister and I sometimes would cry in secret because our poor little brother was getting spanked. I guess we were of two or three minds about that.

In connection with his getting spanked, he could take many swats before he would cry. My sister and I finally had to tell him how it worked. We told him if he would cry after two or three swats, he wouldn't have to get as many. I think he changed his ways after that.

There's much more to say about this good brother. I won't say it now, but I may eventually. He is about 6'1" now and is a fireman and a godly Christian. Either the spankings or the prayers worked!


Jen said...

My favorite memory of Uncle Keith was how he used to let me use him as a jungle gym. Sometimes, he would lift me up so that I was standing on his upwardly stretched arms way above his head and then let me fall and he'd catch me. I'd like to see him do that now.

Kay said...

You know, Jen. I would like to see that, too!

I have the same memories of him. He is what? ten years older than I am? Not sure.

He was a great jungle gym and he would grab us by the arms and swing us round and round and round. I didn't like that as much as some people did, though.
I also remember about the time Jen was born and you lived in a little bungalow type thing with a funny little attic room and we were up there with Keith and he told a scary story about Ivory Soap.

Robin said...

What a wonderful family!

Jen said...

this is ashley. If I am to be the Queen of Odd than I would like a plaque or medal of some sort. Just a little something to show off my latest accomplishment. Perhaps you could give my "husband" a little sweatshirt saying "I'm with the Queen". You know, just a thought...

Julie said...

All of my "flammy" is very strange. My flammy here in this house(my girls are snorting at each other right now) and my flammy elsewhere. Keith would swing us and swing Kay more than she wanted because I would shout "more,more" for her turn, so she would have fun. :) He would hit my with my own hand and tell me to quit hitting myself, but ALWAYS would stop right before I cried.

Momstheword said...

I remember how sick he was. He had meningitis of the brain and the spine, wasn't expected to live, and if he did, he would be crippled. But his Mom gave him over to the Lord for His Will to be done. She knew K. would be a faithful servant to the Lord.

Kay said...

Oh, I remember he taught us that hit ourselves in the face trick.
Also, maybe that trick where it feels like you are pulling a thread through your hand.