Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Looking forward to Heaven

There are several reasons I am looking forward to going to Heaven. I won't have to deal with my own sin nature anymore. I won't have to worry about being a good and vocal witness to the unsaved people around me. I won't have to worry about being in God's will. I won't have to want to be perfect and know that I can't be.

I will be able to see Jesus' face. I will see my family ( I know many of them are there but I don't know if we will get to see each other). I will know the truth of everything I'm supposed to know the truth of. I won't have to be afraid of dying, of my family members dying, of circumstances that don't go right.

I will see all the sights of Heaven. I will have the right attitude about everything. I won't have to be chastened or live with the results of my sin. I will have a new body and maybe a new brain??

I know there are many other wonderful reasons to go to Heaven. I look forward to going (and I'm afraid to go).


Julie said...

I remember a sermon where a pastor said he had the ticket,but didn't want to get on the train yet. I used to feel that way also, until I realized that I was afraid of the "method" of getting to heaven. Now I figure that however this happens it will be fast in hind sight and the destination is worth the journey.

Robin said...

Great post!

I understand your comments Julie because I've felt the same way.

Kay said...

I believe my first word in Heaven will be
"ahhh" What a relief.

Jen said...

Hey I tagged you in a 'meme'. Come readmy post,copy and pasteit in your post and then answer the questions.