Thursday, March 27, 2008

13 Thursday Wishes

1. I wish I could type without making mistates.

2. I wish I were skinny.

3. I wish you were skinny.

4. I wish I could sleep well every night.

5. I wish I had a good memory.

6. I wish I were teaching.

7. I wish my daughter lived closer.

8. I wish I could eat everything and not gain weight.

9. I wish I would write the books I have sitting in my head.

10. I wish I could/would see my brother more often.

11. I wish for some money, maybe $100,000.

12. I wish we had more room in our house.

13. I wish I could go back 20 years.

and a bonus

14. I wish for world peace.


Jen said...

#14- How very "Miss America" of you. I wish I were closer too!

Julie said...

Thank you for using a wish on me. That was a step toward world peace, I think! I enjoyed you thursday wish list. I also would like to be able to write the books in my head. Maybe you could tell them into a recorder, and have my mum type it out for you!
Typing is the hard part anyhow.
I'm so helpful.

Momstheword said...

You know when world peace will come, don't you?

Kay said...

nice wish list.

Robin said...

#2, 3 and 8 - very cute :)

Laura said...

Great wish list...maybe I'll do that one...but I'd probably just end up copying yours...too similar...

Momstheword said...

Worrying about misspelling, etc.

I heard a story one time about a man wanting to withdraw $3,000 from a bank by transferring from his bank in another town. Well, the bank telegraphed (yeah!) the bank and a return telegram said "This man is good for any amount of money." Unfortunately, after the bank gave the man his money, it was discovered that a word had been left out of the message. The word "not".