Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Stinky Things

I am eating cauliflower as I write. I heated it up at work and now the whole big room is stinky. People are not happy. They mostly keep it to themselves.

I live and work about 30+ minutes from Greeley, Colorado. That town is quite often cow stinky, and the smell of that "money" doesn't mind making its way to where I am. For some reason, though, I haven't made any money.

The other day I heated up a can of sauerkraut (spelling?), and my whole house was stinky. When the neighbor knocked on my door I didn't invite her in because the whole place smelled like an outhouse. I'm sure she could smell it at the door. Oh, well. When I knocked on her door, it smelled like a cigarette, so I guess we are even.

When I work the front desk at work, I smell people who have been smoking, drinking and working. It's not all good. Probably they can smell when I eat onions.

I come from a pretty long line of onion eaters. The smell reminds me of my mother and of hamburgers and of good times. I sometimes think about what I would take on a deserted island with me if I had to choose between chocolate and onions. I think it would have to be onions.

Stinky things aren't always good, but they aren't alway bad either.


Jen said...

First I think your labels are funny. "Cows" and "Onions"

Second, I agree that you like to eat all foods stinky.

Third, this post was really funny! I especially liked the idea of you chosing onions over chocolate on your deserted island. That's so you!

Jen said...

Fourth, I wonder how your mother would feel if she knew that every time you smelled an onion, you thought of her. Of course, every time I smell vinegar, I think of you. How do you feel?

QOTW said...

I don't really think of my mother every time I smell an onion, but onions do remind me of my "roots" (onion roots, etc.). And why do you think of me when you smell vinegar? Yo momma

Kay said...

QOTW,(Question of the Week)

Onions on the island would be a very good idea, (see the book Holes for more info)

I remember grandma eating onions like an apple. I believe my mom has done that before, too.

I don't think of your mom when I smell onions. I think of her when I smell flannelgraph or an old chrome and formica table. Or salt and pepper shakers with roosters on them.

The smell of chicken broth makes me think of Grandma and so does the smell of green peppers.

I don't think any smell makes me think of you. Maybe vinegar will from now on.

Julie said...

A very interesting conversation, I think of grandma when I drink ice cold water, or have green onions on the table (I have to use an old canning jar to put them in), but the question I have is for kay, how can you smell an old chrome and formica table? And Queen, dear, why do you smell of vinigar?

Jen said...

Because there were countless times when I would come home and the house would smell like stinky vinegar. You put it on everything!

QOTW said...

To quote my offspring: "You been smokin' crack?" I think you must have grown up in some other home. I think I only put vinegar on spinach. I sometimes used a low-fat Italian salad dressing. So maybe I used vinegar five times a year. And Kay, I don't smell like vinegar personally. I smell like vanilla and baby powder. Or roses and war. I'd like to know what the rest of you smell like (at least, says you).

Kay said...

I smell like a Petunia. Well, actually they kinda stink, but it's fun to say.

Momstheword said...

I like some of that stinky food also; onions, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, garlic. Some of this can be enjoyed again even later. But I doubt I would choose onions over chocolate! Ever.... I remember when you picked up an onion and took a big bite out of it like it were an apple.