Saturday, March 8, 2008

My Grandma and her Brother

I just want to tell one story about my Grandma Rose. She was in a nursing home in her later years, and I believe she mostly liked it there even though she did complain about a man who threw her into the bed.

One time my mother, my aunts and I went to visit Grandma. We were all sitting around a table in the big lunchroom trying to have a conversation. At that time Grandma wasn't into conversing much.

After a couple of minutes during which nothing was being said, my Grandma looked around and said, "I haven't had this much fun since the pigs ate my baby brother."

Well, being the analytical person that I am, I started thinking. Did Grandma really have a little brother I never heard about and who got eaten by pigs? For all I knew pigs really might eat a small person. Or was Grandma saying she was pretty bored since nobody was saying anything? Or was she saying she wasn't very bored and that the present company and moment were pretty exciting and just under the excitement of having the pigs eating her brother? Or maybe we all reminded her of her baby brother and needed to be eaten by pigs. I don't know the truth of it. However, it was a very interesting statement and I have used it several times in the past years.


Jen said...

I think it was the perfect use of sarcasm. She was comparing your company to the horror of watching her baby brother eaten by pigs. That's hilarious!

Momstheword said...

Or the fun of watching a pig eat her baby brother. I have analyzed that statement for many years and I'm still not sure!

Julie said...

I think that you should know that our sarcastic talents have come from the best. Grandma was often sarcastic, in fact I remember the first time I realized it, and I also didn't know if I really heard what I heard. My grandma? Yup. She told me once not to hurt myself when I was "helping" with the garden. I was working not so hard.

Jessican said...

I just read Jen's blog about your awesomeness, so please forgive my off topic tangent, but I just wanted to leave a comment thanking you for your positive impact on my life. For four years you taught me EVERYTHING about the academic world and exampled the spiritual world for me. I could go into extensive detail, but in order to spare the rest of the world my boring diatribe, I will instead simply say "Thank you," again.

With much thanks,
Jessica (formerly Reyes) Hollingshead.

Kay said...

yes, grandma was one for the sarcasm.
I just always assumed she was not having any fun at all. It was an insult and you just need to stop fooling yourself otherwise.

I remember one time mom said something about not being born yesterday. Grandma looked her over real good, you know, sizing her up, and said, "Thank God for that." Or something like that.

I so regret not spending more time with her and getting to know her better. I was at the self-centered child and teenager age. I think by the time I reached an age to really appreciate having a grandma, she was beyond that kind of relationship.