Sunday, March 23, 2008

Proofs of the Resurrection

1. The two women went to the tomb to anoint the body of Christ. They expected to see Him there, but He was gone.

2. The tomb had been sealed at the burial of Christ, and guards were set around the tomb. The stone was rolled into a groove which made it very difficult to move. However, it had been moved.

3. The disciples did not believe the women when they told them that the tomb was empty. Even though Christ had told them earlier that He would die and be raised up in three days, it was like they had no clue. When they ran to tomb to see if the body was gone, they were shocked and surprised.

4. Christ appeared to His disciples and had Thomas touch His hands to feel the nail holes after the resurrection.

5. In the following days after the resurrection Christ appeared to a group of 500 people.

6.According to Scriptures and tradition, all of the disciples were killed for their faith. If they had been perpetrating a hoax as many have said, would they have carried the hoax through to their deaths?

7. The tomb was empty in spite of guards, seals, and a heavy stone.

8. The grave clothes lay as if a body had disappeared out of them.

9. Scripture says many times that Christ arose.

The truth is the truth. We can believe truth or not. We did not know or see Abraham Lincoln. We can believe the historical documentation about his life or not. We did not see Christ and His resurrection. We can believe the historical documentation about His resurrection or not. And we can believe the truth of Word of God.


Momstheword said...

That is a wonderful lesson, Miss Q. How long do you think the grave clothes had lain there before the women came?

Robin said...

He is RISEN indeed!

QOTW said...

I'm very impressed. There will be a gold star for you soon.

I think they had lain there maybe just a few hours or even minutes. How long do you think they had lain there?