Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I See the Future

I see the future and it involves a lot of technology. I think in the future people will no longer talk face to face or in person. Everyone will have gizmos attached to their ears and in front of their mouths. They will have devices to be able to see others' faces without meeting them anywhere. They will sit in chairs that exercise their muscles as they sit.

Family reunions will be on line. Business meetings will be on line. Babies will be delivered by an on-line doctor with either the help of a friend or a robot. Food won't mold. There will no longer be meat to eat. All buildings and manufactured goods will be "green."

If you don't do green, vegan, techno, you will not get the good jobs, the good houses, the good food. Your children will only be able to be educated at home by parents with old-fashioned books. Other children will be educated on-line without books. Spelling won't be important and neither will grammar, punctuation or good syntax.

Public speeches written by the individual delivering them will be a thing of the past. A beautifully morphed person will deliver a computer-created speech on line. We won't know our politicians, our leaders or our inventors.

If you want to participate in buying, communicating, living in a nice home, receiving news, being entertained, and getting a good job, you will have to have be implanted with a gizmo that can be scanned.

I can see that the future is heading toward fulfilling the prophecies of Scripture. Many of these things are already in effect or some version is. The good news is that God is in control.



Julie said...

And the thing is that most of the world will think that all you said is just wonderful and past due. I see it too, maybe not the robots, but it's along the same lines. Maybe you should meme something like "What do you see the future in 5,10,20 years, and what will you be doing then" Just a thought. Tell Aa I say Hi, and G also.

Kay said...

I'm going to send you a silly short story I wrote a year or so ago. 'k?

Robin said...

Some things sound great others frightening.

Momstheword said...

A big concern now is how to unplug your children from their electronics and get them to actually use their imaginations and do real play time. Haven't there been some movies about this future you're writing about?