Thursday, August 7, 2008

13 Thursday Neighborhood Bible Club Facts

1. My church (and I) have held two Bible clubs everyday.

2. I have been the Bible teacher.

3. The "Wordless Book" stories have been the Bible series I have taught.

4. "Tifam" has been the missionary or "adventure story."

5. We have had a total of 40-50 kids in the clubs.

6. Nine children have trusted Christ as Savior so far this week.

7. I have gotten a sunburn from being in the sun mostly in the morning.

8. The 11:00 club has been held in a park. The 1:30 club has been at a home, and except for Monday, we have been inside for that Bible club.

9. We have had a total of ten workers and two 6th grade boys. They all have been wonderful.

10. The pastor has started out each club with prayer and a promise to hand out ice cream certificates to the children who bring visitors the next day.

11. Because I'm not teaching the missionary story, I sit down during that time. At one club I was sitting behind a little boy and he was pushing on my fat foot and leg, trying to figure it out.

12. Tonight I am very tired. We have church tonight.

13. This has been a wonderful week of blessing. I praise the Lord for the opportunity.


Julie said...

Kids are funny huh. Playing with your foot!

Kay Day said...

Tifam was always my favorite. I heard some sad news about the real Tifam when I was in Haiti, though.

Momstheword said...

You are a good woman and you have a good church there. Having a pastor who emphasizes outreach is invaluable.

Julie said...

Is that the story about the girl whos dad was a voodo doctor?

Jen said...

Update, I cry, update!

I'm proud of you mom!

Robin said...

Wonderful! What a beautiful outreach ministry to children and possibly their families...

How much longer will you do the Bible clubs?

QOTW said...

Kay, what did you hear?

Moms, we do have a good, concerned pastor.

Julie, that is the story witht he voodoo father.

Thanks, Robin, for the encouragement. The Bible clubs ended Friday.

Thanks, Jen. I'm going to compile some stats and let you know how it all turned out. Our pastor was very pleased. His plan as of Friday was to try to visit each home represented in the clubs either Saturday or Monday. We are going to have a meeting of all workers Sunday night at 5:15 to discuss the clubs and the good things and things that need improvement for next year.

Robin said...

Sounds great - I'm sure next year will be even better!

Kay Day said...

The missionary there told us that she ended up going back to Voodoo.
He said that many people who become Christians do -- it is the only way they know how to make a living. So it may not be the real thing. There are a lot of charlatans as well as real witch doctors.

QOTW said...

Update and final statistics on the Neighborhood Bible Clubs:

2 high days of 34 in attendance.

50+ children attended and several adults.

8 were saved.

2 came for assurance.

3 children and 1 adult decided to serve the Lord.

12 came everyday.

several Bibles were given away.

about 130 Gospel tracts sent home with the children.

over 300 invitation/doorknob hangers handed out with church info and Gospel message.

I think we are planning on doing this again next year.