Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cannon Ball

We should have named our dog Cannon Ball. When I am sitting in the armchair at the end of the hall, Riley runs at full tilt, hits the floor about 3-4 feet from the chair, hits the arm of the chair, and then hits me. I am often grimacing with fear of being murdered as he runs at me. He is quite the little character.

At night when it's time for Riley to go to bed, he doesn't want to. He gets a little bit pouty and I have to pick him up and gently place him in the wire kennel. Then he sleeps all night with only a tiny bit of whining sometimes. Lately when I get up at about 4:45, I just leave him in the kennel until I'm ready to let him go outside to visit with nature. He just continues to lie down and try to sleep.

This new dog has added some spice to our existence. We are trying to learn what he wants us to do, but we are not very fast learners.


Kay Day said...

sounds like being in a pinball machine!

Julie said...

Sounds fun to me. Our big cat likes to jump on us and stand on us with his pointy little cat feet. He weighs 17 pounds. Let your puppy do that to you in the middle of the night on a full bladder. Now thats fun stuff.

Momstheword said...

Well, you asked for it! Sounds like a very active little thing. Good thing he's little. It would be hard to explain how you got troppled by a dog.

Jen said...

Love it! Gizmo is kinda the same way. He's just recently learned how to jump up on the couch by himself. Because he's so little, he has to kind of fling himself up there. If I'm not paying attention, it usually startles me.