Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Lighthouse

There was a song published in 1971 called "The Lighthouse." It is about Christ being the light that stands on the hill to protect the big and small ships. I've always loved this song.

My husband and I got married in 1972, and we have been involved in Christian ministry most of the years since that time. My husband has sung "The Lighthouse" as a special number in most of the churches we have worked in. Well, G. sang that song this morning in church for the first time since we have been attending here. While we were practicing before service, the song brought tears to my eyes--partly because of the words, partly because of its part in our personal history and partly because it reminded me that we've gotten old since we first started singing/playing that song.

Sometimes music, maybe more than other media, brings together a lot of memories. When the words are wonderful and are about Christ the Savior and King, it is very touching.


Momstheword said...

I could get a little teary. I always loved for G. to sing that particular song. It's like his trademark song. You two have done some mighty good things through your ministries.

Kay Day said...

I always liked that song, too. And I have gotten old since I first, or even last, heard him sing it.

Julie said...

Ditto on Kays and moms comments.
Yes, ditto.

QOTW said...

Ditto. Queens

Robin said...

I like that song too.