Monday, August 18, 2008

Random Thoughts

1. I cooked quite a bit over the weekend. For Saturday breakfast I made omelettes using the little GX food makers. You know, the ones Kathy someone advertises on the TV. Then in the afternoon, I used them to make cake with chocolate candy in each piece. For Sat. supper I fried a few pieces of chicken. We had a potluck at church for Sunday lunch, and I made a meatloaf, a pasta salad and a fruit salad. The kitchen gets pretty messy.

2. My daughter Jen is preparing for a tropical storm/hurricane. I worry a little.

3. My husband's birthday is coming up this week. I hate to admit I have a problem remembering exactly which day it is. My dad's birthday is Aug. 19, an old boyfriend who passed away when I was 16 had Aug. 21 as his birthday, and Gary's birthday is Aug. 20. For some reason, when we get close to Gary's birthday, I mix the other dates in there too and can't always be certain of Gary's day. However, yesterday at church I heard him tell someone else that his date is Aug. 20. I'm good for this year. (I had been thinking it was Aug. 21.)

4. I sang in a ladies trio yesterday for morning church. Gary said it sounded good.

5. One reason I like our little church is because it gives a lot of people opportunities to do many things. Our young teen girls sing in a trio. One of them plays the keyboard. They all helped with the Bible clubs. Two little boys (probably 5th grade) are going to sing together. One of them can't really sing, but we don't let that stop us. Another young girl, probably 5th grade, is going to sing a solo. She can sing pretty well.

7. My dog, Riley, can go pretty far dancing on his hind legs.

8. I was given some lovely fresh veggies straight from someone's garden over the weekend.

9. My husband's kidney stone started acting up yesterday. He has a couple that are too big to pass and will need to have surgery. We are hoping this one isn't one of the big ones or that it will stop.

10. On August 30 several members of my family are going to have a picnic in a state park near Castle Rock. I'm looking forward to it.

11. At church we are studying Revelation. It always disturbs me to see how terrible the future will be for those left behind after the Rapture.

12. I think that's it for now.


Julie said...

Nice random. It catches us all up on what you are doing. That is one talented dog you got. You could write childrens books about him.

Momstheword said...

Speaking of books, what about Bear? Have you refined the story? Happy Birthday Gary. I like your random thoughts.

Robin said...

Gotta LOVE number 8 (free fresh veggies).

Robin said...

Fresh veggies are NOTHING like what you buy in the grocery store. What a gift!

Kay Day said...

I am like you with the date thing. I have a terrible time keeping my parents' dates straight and they aren't even in the same month. But one is the 24th and one is the 26th. And sometimes I think my mom's birthday is in September, but it's not. And I sometimes think their anniversary is in September -- is it? See, I don't know. Every year I find out and then by the next year, I don't know.
Too bad there isn't some kind of place for writing these kind of things down...

Julie said...

Yeah, Kay, too bad. Me too