Monday, August 25, 2008


I'm too tired and unmotivated to write much. Sorry. Don't even feel like making comments on others' blogs.

1. Please pray for friend Becky Molyneaux--having surgery today on carotid artery.

2. Mother-in-law of friend at work passed away over weekend.

3. Uncle of another friend passed away Friday.

4. Coming up on anniversary of my sister's death--very sad and on my mind.

No one needs to comment.

I am pitiful, but I'll live. (;>


Kay Day said...

That was a kiss - not a slap.

Jen said...

I'm gonna comment, I don't care what you say...

I love you! You're beautiful! Wish I was there.

Momstheword said...

Love you.

QOTW said...

You all are very kind. I started feeling better after I wrote the blog--maybe lunch and drinking water helped.

But right now I feel better because of your comments!!

Julie said...

I think Kay really smacked you, but pretended it was a kiss at the last min.
Bitter sweet days.

Momstheword said...

Why does the name Becky Molyneaux sound familiar to me?

Robin said...

Praying you receive God's strength and power and wisdom for each of these situations.

QOTW said...

Moms, Becky Molyneaux went to Park Hill for years. I don't know if she still does. She worked with me when I taught junior high school at Park Hill for several years.

I talked to her daughter, Sonia Buterbaugh, last night, and she Becky came through the surgery just fine.

Robin, thank you for praying.

Julie, thank you for clarification. (;>

Jen, I wish you were here too.