Monday, August 4, 2008

Neighborhood Bible Clubs

My church started our Neighborhood Bible Clubs today. We had two clubs in two different neighborhoods. Other than church kids, we had only one other child in the first one. In the second one we had eight other children. Even though there weren't many visitors, both clubs were great. The children were attentive, the workers were wonderful.

Today at both clubs, the pastor offered to give each kid who brings a visitor tomorrow a $2 gift certificate to the Dairy Delite. I think we may have some more visitors tomorrow.

In spite of the heat, both clubs were successful. I think our host families passed out nearly 300 invitations ahead of time, so at the very least that many homes have received the Gospel and info about our church. We passed out tracts today for the kids to take home as well. The children received special ribbons for attendance and for bringing their Bibles. Tomorrow more ribbons will be passed out for bringing visitors and for saying today's Bible verse.

I think overall there was joy in serving the Lord and being part of working with other Christians toward a common goal.


Robin said...


Momstheword said...

That's wonderful! Kinda like the Good News Clubs?

QOTW said...

Yes, they are like Goodnews Clubs and Five Day Clubs.

Jessican said...

Sounds like a lotta fun. I loved Bible clubs as a child.