Saturday, July 19, 2008

Potluck and Sandwiches

At my church we have a potluck once a month. I enjoy it because I sometimes make recipes that my family won't necessarily eat but ones that I like and I think others will like. For the potluck tomorrow I am making a Mexican casserole (Paula Dean's from a show I saw a couple of weeks ago) and pasta salad (curly pasta, olives, pepperoni, green onions, tomatoes, maybe cucumbers, low fat Italian dressing). I will make some especially for my husband because he doesn't like olives. And for dessert there will be brownies. Of course brownies are my son's favorite, so I will let him have one or two before I take them to church.

There is one man at church who usually likes at least one of my recipes...a lot. I really never think of myself as being a very good cook, but somehow what I make always appeals to him. Maybe his wife's cooking is bland.

One Thursday night this summer we had a hamburger/hot dog cookout at church and nearly all of the women brought beans as a side dish. They were all good, but we usually have more of a variety. For my beans I took canned Bush's Baked Beans and added 1/4 to 1/2 cup of salsa. Well, the man who likes my cooking thought they were really good.

I'm also slow-cooking a pork roast for our supper tonight. I've added a little barbecue sauce for flavoring. We will have pulled pork sandwiches. Sounds good to me.

Just a reminder that a blog is not just about writing things that are interesting to others. Sometimes I have to write about the mundane. But it makes me happy.


Momstheword said...

I'd make that boy go to church for a brownie. You are a good cook. If everyone makes as much food as you do, there will be enough left for several more days of meals. Sounds wonderful. We had a lot of beans at one of our potlucks recently also. I recall one missions dinner where everyone was to bring a dish representing one of our mission countries. NO ONE, NO ONE brought a salad, a dessert, a side dish, nothing. Everyone brought a main dish or entree. But we ate it anyway.

Robin said...

I guess I like the mundane then... I always enjoy reading what you write even if its about cooking baked beans :) Sounds interesting - I might try it.

Kay Day said...

Well, what I've had of your cooking has been good.
There were a couple of guys that liked my cooking when we used to do potlucks, too. One of them talked recipes with me, because he liked to cook, too.

QOTW said...

Thank you all for the kind comments. We had the dinner today, and it was all very good. Paula Dean's recipe ended up being very bland, so I added chili powder, peppers, jalapenos, salsa, garlic, salt/pepper. It was pretty tasty. At least my husband now wants me to make it at home for him. A good sign.

Jen said...

You're a good cook.

QOTW said...

Thank you, Jen.