Monday, July 14, 2008

Blessings from God

I've had blessings this last week. Last Monday or Tuesday I went to get my hair cut. My stylist was a talker and we talked about many things. I mentioned that I would like to have my hair in a spike sometime, but that I had to be careful not to cause any problem for the people in my church. She commented that she thought maybe those people needed to be stirred up. She told me when she became a Christian things were better for her. She also told me that she believed there were beings on other planets, and I told her I didn't believe that. We went on to talk about which church I went to, and I ended up inviting her to the services. She asked if I would be there and I said I would. When I left I gave her a tract and wrote the name of my church on the back.

Then today, I found out one of my sweet friends is leaving for good to go home and be with her parents. She was supposed to leave on July 31, but she just found out that her dad went back into the hospital and probably won't live to be released. So she is leaving in a hurry. I hugged her a couple of times. She's been very tearful about her dad. Over the years we have talked some about God and prayer. I don't know that she is a born-again Christian, but she does have some understanding of some things. She told me this morning that her dad was fearful because he doesn't want to leave his wife alone. I gave my friend a Gospel tract to read to her father. I told her that maybe if he had peace with God, he could have peace about other things as well.

If you are in a praying mood and mode, please pray for the hairstylist (Helga) and for my friend (Diana) that God will work in their lives, that my friend will have a safe journey home, and that her dad will live to hear the Gospel. God is good to give me these opportunities.


Robin said...

You are walking the walk and talking the talk... Praying for your friends!

Jen said...

I love this about you!

Also, move your pole up to the side next time so that we can see it. Go to your layout page, drag and drop it, and then save it. I'll vote next time. Just didn't see it.

Momstheword said...

I posted a comment and it disappeared! I'll try again. What a blessing God gave you! Also thanks for your comment under "Quite a Day". Bro. S. stopped by on his way from some event at Mountain States. He and Bro. D.A. keep in touch by email so he knew about it. We are soon coming up on the 40th anniv. of the church and we MAY have a celebration and invite all the formers. Spectulation at this point, though.

QOTW said...

Thanks for the good comments.

Robin, I appreciate your prayers. Thank you.

Jen, I didn't even know my poll was on my blog until yesterday. I thought it just disappeared. I'll move it around next time.

Moms, I'm sure it was good to see Pastor S. and family. Was the meeting a blessing?