Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Dog's Life

We sometimes comment on a dog's life and what a great life it would be. Here are some good things about a dog's life: no need to work to get fed; a lot of attention and petting; playing; being uninhibited; enjoying almost everything; no bills; no worry.

Here are some bad things: no satisfying work; no power to decide; no other food than food supplied by owner; sometimes torturous treatment; limited horizons.

Some other things: can't read, can't know God, can't eat what he wants; can't go anywhere; can't get away from people.

I think overall I like being a person instead of a dog. But there are definitely some things I like about a dog's life.


Julie said...

Maybe the life of a house cat instead? I'm glad that I'm a people too.

Robin said...

Me too...

Hmmm if I had to pick an animal...can't think of one...I'm glad I'm a "people" too.