Monday, June 30, 2008

Vacation is Coming!

I will be on vacation July 3 through 8. I'm so happy! Here are some of the plans:

1. Stay in a 3-bedroom home that has access to Boyd Lake State Park and lake. There is a swim beach, picnic area, fishing places, lots of trees and water, and a play area for kids.
2. The place I am staying is within a short drive of a grocery store, McDonald's, Subway and pizza. We can have Italian food and pizza delivered.
3. There are several reading rooms/stores available for my use.
4. There is a hobby/craft store within a mile.
5. I will be able to attend a good church on Sunday where there is good preaching and good music.
6. I will have great home cooked food and possibly some grilled burgers and dogs.
7. From many places in the area there is a wonderful view of the mountains.
8. I will watch movies and read a great book or two.

The place I am going is my home in Loveland, Colorado. No money, no gas. Here's the interpretation of the vacation plans:

1. My 3 bedroom duplex is only about 1 mile from Boyd Lake State Park.
2. We are near King Soopers and several fast food places and can have delivery from Lorenzo's and Pizza Hut.
3. The library is only about 5 minutes away and there is one book store within that 5 minute distance also.
4. Hobby Lobby is only about 5 minutes away.
5.My church is about 15 minutes away.
6.I will be making the home cooked meals and we will may grill some burgers and dogs.
7.There are some great views of the mountains over by Boyd Lake.
8.I will watch some TV movies and maybe a couple of pay-per-view movies. I plan to read a book about a dog.


Jen said...

Wish I was there.

Robin said...

I love your attitude! Have an incredible vacation!

Momstheword said...

That will be a nice break for you guys (does that include the hubby). I expected more comments on our wonderful story! Have fun.

Julie said...

So I'm just reading along thinking "wow, I wish I could go somewhere like that" and stuff like that, and bam! You hit me with the sneak attack. Good job. I also wondered how you could get so much done in just a few days. You are the Queen. Of the world! All you see is your domain.

QOTW said...

Jen, I wish you could be here too. It would be a lot more fun.

Robin, thanks for the encouragement.

Moms, hubby will have all the same days off except for the 8th. He is having a change in some of his medicine which is likely to cause quite a bit of discomfort during that time.

Julie, the vacation sounds better than it probably will be. But I plan and try to have a good time.

Wish you all could be here. Let me know if you are coming!!