Tuesday, June 3, 2008


The Five Kind Things Meme works like this:
List five kind things you do for yourself.
List five kind things you do for your closest friend, spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend or child.
List five kind things you have done for a stranger.
List five kind things you do for fun.
List five people you are tagging with this meme.

Five kind things I do for myself:
1.I blog.
2.I play piano at church (hopefully for God too).
3.I talk to my daughter on the phone.
4.I tease people.
5.I buy snacks I like.

Five kind things I do for my friends, husband or child:
1.I sympathize with my husband when he doesn't feel well.
2. I show concern for people and ask about their problems (some say "minding their business").
3. I buy a lot of things at the store that my husband and son like.
4. I cook what they like.
5. I collect money at work for people's decade birthdays and going away gifts.

Five kind things I have done for a stranger:
1.Twice I have rescued children. Once time a little girl (under 3 yoa) was getting ready to step off the curb into traffic. Another time a child was leaving the store in the mall where her mother was. I made her stay there and wait.
2.I have given money to people who stand on street corners. (I figure it's up to them to do the right thing, so I don't worry about them using it for alcohol, etc.)
3. I have offered some of my accrued sick days for people who are seriously ill who work for the County.
4.I have given money and food for the hungry.
5. I have given out Gospel tracks.

Five things I do for fun:
1. Read
2. Watch TV
3. Blog
4. Play piano
5. Make people laugh

Five people I tag:
1. Sigrid
2. Cecil
3. Avigavil
4. Beulah

And all the rest of you are welcome to play, too. Just let me know if you do!


Julie said...

I think we are a very social- minded family. Saving other peoples children and all. I once told a small boy and girl that they shouldn't talk to me because they didn't know me and I was a stranger. Also they were buggin me bad!!
Queen, you are a very kind woman. I say so myself!

QOTW said...

And Julie, you are too kind. And very funny (they were buggin me bad).

Jen said...

I would love to know where you got those names!

Robin said...

You are fun and compassionate! Great list!

Momstheword said...

You don't have many friends do you? So you make up names? :)I need to blog my kind things now that I'm in a better mood. Trips to MO make me grumpy for a day or two. :\

QOTW said...

Those are the names of my best friends, don't ya know! And besides many of the bloggers I could put down were already memed by Kay.

Moms, you better blog quick while things are good!

Robin, please add yourself to my memed list and Nathaniel and Jessican and Caleb.

Julie said...

I thought you made up those names, but I believed that you knew people, you know, with those names. Also, blog names are rather strange I think. What if there is someone with one of those names? Now you have new friends.

Robin said...

You are so funny - making up names - great! I had no idea when I read them, I thought I hadn't seen their comments on your blog yet and thought they were new friends.

I answered the Kindness meme last week - I think Thursday.

Kay said...

you seem like a pretty nice lady.

Kay said...

PS. I love Delmar

"We - thought-you-was-a -toad."