Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Pattern of My Life

Ever since I became an adult I have had a proclivity for spilling things (food) on my shirt. Someone once told me it's because there is a shelf to catch things. Today while at work I dropped pieces of food out of my burrito three times. Afterwards I scrubbed my shirt twice: once with just water and once with water and soap. The spots are still there. I am a thing of great beauty today for sure.

I have thought about making a product of beautiful stickers that look like flowers, geometric shapes, words, little animal, etc., that could be put on a person's shirt to cover the spots temporarily. Some of the words could be "spot", "messy person", "mind your own business", "you are way too close", "great beauty." I would sell these stickers on TV for $9.99.

If I really knew how to market these stickers, I might really try to do it!


Julie said...

And the glue that stuck them on could be stain remover!

Momstheword said...

I think you've got something there! I have certain shirts that just collect drips of coffee.

Robin said...

Sounds like a winner.

I like Julie's additional idea - it has promise :)

Kay Day said...

you certainly wouldn't be the only one who needed them.