Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Getting Ready

Does the process of getting ready in the morning irritate you or make you tired? It does me. I get really tired of the routine--shower, wash hair, dry hair, curl hair, put on powder, lotion, cologne, brush teeth, take meds/vities, put on all the clothes, put on makeup and earrings, pack lunch, leave for work. The process used to include feeding the dog and getting the kids ready.

I think cutting my hair really short and giving up makeup could be done, but the other things all really need to be done.

Any solutions?


Momstheword said...

Yeah, don't do those things and see what happens! You don't really need to take a shower, wash your hair, dry your hair, curl your hair, put on powder, lotion, cologne, brush teeth, put on clothes, makeup and earrings. But you need to take your meds and take a lunch. :)

Julie said...

Or you could just turn off the alarm and sleep in. You don't need to work that bad so you?
I have always had getting up dreams. As a child, and an adult I have dreamed that I am up and going through the process of getting ready only to have someone very un-nice-like tell me to get out of bed. Horrible! Getting up once is bad, but to have to do it twice is just horrible.

Robin said...

Enjoyed the post and the comments so far :)

I go with low maintenance hair cuts that only require washing and brushing and wear minimal to no make up.

Momstheword said...

I've had a few of those getting up dreams. I have very vivid and detailed dreams and they are usually about trying to get somewhere, trying to find something or someone, trying to do something. Frustrating but they never wake me up. There are usually other dumber people involved. :) And I'm usually young.

Kay said...

You don't work directly with the public, do you? Just skip it, man.
Skip the powders and lotions and potions. and perfume. Wear a hat. Take gum. Or, brush your teeth in the car.. on the way.

Yes, getting ready does irritate me.

QOTW said...

I do work with the public some of the time, and our department can be seen by them all the time. And there is a dress code. I don't think anyone would say anything if I didn't curl my hair or wear makeup, but I would feel ugly. Maybe I would get used to it. Thanks for all the good comments and suggestions. Maybe bald would be good??

Anonymous said...

I know I posted yesterday, but apparently I did something wrong.

I myself love the process of getting ready in the morning. I have my routine all set up, and it's the cleanest and most put together I feel all day.

But, in the interest of spicing things up sometimes, I crank up the Broadway and sing along (of course, I have no neighbors or roommates). Some personal favorites: Beauty and the Beast, Hairspray, Avenue Q, The Last 5 Years, and Urinetown.