Saturday, June 7, 2008

Strong Opinions

I rarely express strong opinions. I think that is for several reasons including the way I was brought up, my first-kid place among the children in the family (first kids either have strong, opinionated personalities or are pleasers--I'm a pleaser), and my main spiritual gift of mercy--I can see other people's viewpoints and motivations, and I'm not good at confrontation. But this is not to say that I don't have strong opinions about many things.

As indicated in Scripture, God is a male and is the absolute Creator and Ruler of the universe.

Jesus Christ is God and God's Son and is the only Savior of mankind from its sins and hell.

Abortion is wrong in all circumstances.

Children are the greatest treasures and need the most care in every way that an adult can give.

A good marriage takes a lot of tolerance and forgiveness.

The Bible is absolutely true and always applicable for our lives.

In this life only what is done for God counts.

Heaven and hell are real places.

Getting older is hard work.

The person who is the closest to the ideals of Scripture will be the person I vote for president.

I do not think a person or a group of people should be singled out for anything because of their sexuality. I do think all people should have equality under the law but not for belonging to a certain sexual group. That should be moot.

An unsaved and a saved person should not get married.

Worldly activities should stay out of the church.

Old people (older than me) need help and understanding, even when they are driving too slowly.

These are just some of my strong opinions. And now I am worrying about causing offense. I don't mean to cause offense, but I also realize someone will always be offended by another person's opinions when they differ from his/her own. Also I believe many of these thoughts are more than opinions: many are just the truth.


Jen said...

I'm totally offended and totally agree with you. I think. Ha.

Donnycon said...

I was listening to your blue man thing. It was kinda freaky.

Hey I have strong opinions as well. Most of the same ones as yours but these as well.

White rappers should be outlawed.

Artificial banana flavoring is of the devil.

"Saved by the Bell" was robbed of every Emmy it could have won while it was on the air.

People who talk on the phone headsets while there hands are free are lazy.

QOTW said...

Ah, I see you both jest. Hmph! Okay. Wrinkled dogs are cuter than non-wrinkled. Babies with heads are smarter than others. Cakes that are not chocolate are mostly useless. Crickets are too noisy. 10,000 angels CAN dance on the head of pin. Round women are the best.

Jen, glad you agree AND are offended.

Donny, thanks for those great opinions!! I don't like banana flavoring either. Much as I have liked "Saved by the Bell," I don't believe it should have received an Emmy, Enemy, Enema. And, I can't see the blue man on my comments.

Momstheword said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog about being boastful, or not. I think we are both pleasers in our own way. I don't like confrontation either but can if I have to. I also have strong opinions. That makes a good blog!

Kari & Kijsa said...

We love strong opinions (especially when they are right!)

kari & kisja

Julie said...

I think you just know when your right about something. Some things can slide, because they don't really know "whatever", but when they matter and you are right you can be firm in what you say and believe. Thats my opinion.
And your blue dude is freaky big time. Remove it at once.

Momstheword said...

I couldn't find your blue man. I agree with all of your opinions. I agree with Julie. Some things just don't bother me. I can see that person's side to it, but there are some things I just can't understand why people believe they're right. I mean, how can anyone believe that and be a normal human being.

Momstheword said...

there he is. but he doesn't say anything.

Kay said...

I don't see a blue man. I don't see any colored man.
just the little guy in the wheelchair. But that could be a lady.

I am a pleaser, and I have opinions. Many opinions. But I usually keep them to myself. I didn't always though.

I have found that sometimes some of my really strong opinions change and therefore I am glad that I have not spouted them about.