Sunday, July 6, 2008

See Ya in Church

The whole New Testament is about the Church in some form or another. The Gospels were about the life of Christ who is the foundation, life and savior of the church and about the disciples who spread the Gospel. Acts reports the actual beginning of the church and the early history of it. Most of the epistles were written to churches, pastors and individual members of churches. Revelation is in part about the seven churches and tells of future events for the Church and Christians as the body of Christ.

We should be attached to the Bible-believing, Scripture-functioning church as if by an umbilical cord. To live the Christian life totally away and without being involved in church means we are trying to live the Christian life outside God's will and provision.

If you doubt this, try doing a word study in the New Testament on the Church. Try to find a book in the New Testament that doesn't talk about church or about its members. God loves the local church. He didn't expect us to function outside it. What a wonderful support system and place of service God has set up for us as Christians.


Momstheword said...

Great post! I agree. Seldom do you find a verse that says to go sit on a rock and worship God while fishing at a lake.

Robin said...

Great post! I love my church!