Thursday, November 20, 2008

13 Thursday Things I Love about Thanksgiving

1. The smell and look of turkey (more than the taste)
2. Pie with whipped topping
3. Vegetable casseroles
4. Dressing, potatoes and gravy
5. Cranberry sauce and olives
6. Talking with family
7. Driving to someone's house
8. Or having the meal at my house
9. Having the Thanksgiving meal twice on the same day
10. Reminiscing
11. Talking to my daughter on the phone
12. Being off work two days plus the weekend
13. That God is so good at providing all our needs


Momstheword said...

Love those leftovers we eat within two hours of the big meal! Remember the Thanksgiving your Mom put everything away and wouldn't let us pick at any of it? :) That only happened once, I believe. Anxious to see you guys.

Abby said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kay Day said...

That was actually me - not Abby.

Julie said...

I thought "how sweet of the little girl to be so kind toward her family" But it was just Kay. How sweet of Kay to be so kind toward her family. :)

Robin said...

Love your list - actually love most of the stuff too. I'm too tired to make a big Thanksgiving meal this week, so yesterday we had those mashed potatoes and I'm going to make something else today - haven't decided what yet...

We are going to have our big meal sometime after the baby is born - could be January - haha

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We all have so much to thankful for! Only 12 days until my due date - I'm not excited or anything :)