Monday, November 24, 2008


My husband and son were in an accident last Thursday on their way home from work. They were both yanked around, but so far they have only noticed stiff necks and/ backs. Gary noticed some pulled muscles in his arms.

My husband's truck was hit from the back and there was damage to the tailgate, the bumper, and the seat (broken). He talked to the other guy's insurance today, and a loaner car is forthcoming today. Yay! An appraiser is supposed to look at the pickup in the next day or two. If the chassis was bent, the truck could possibly be totalled. Can't tell yet.

At the scene while Gary was sitting on the seat with his feet on the ground, the dad arrived and went over to Gary and asked if he was alright. When Gary said he might have whiplash, the dad said sarcastically, "Oh, sure." Then he asked his son what Gary did to make him hit him. All Gary did was stop at the stop light. The young driver told his dad that Gary was just stopped. The driver said he was talking to someone on the phone. Anyway, the driver got the ticket, and Gary isn't liable. Later the dad came over and apologized to Gary about the accident. That was good.

And God is good. It could have been much worse.


Kay Day said...

I'm glad it wasn't worse!

Jen said...

Um, why am I finding out about this for the first time on your blog?

QOTW said...

Jen, I called Thursday right after it happened, but it wasn't an emergency so I didn't say in the message to call back right away. Then you left a message on my phone that you would call Sunday. And so here we are. If it was an emergency, I would have told you to call immediately.

Still need to talk to you.

Love, Mom

Momstheword said...

Well, for crying out loud? Glad that worked out okay. Sometimes the hurt doesn't hurt until some days later, so never say "Oh, I'm not hurt." You might later. :)
He'd know by now if he has a whiplash. Glad the young man was forthcoming.

Jessican said...

Glad to hear that everyone is okay. Is wrong that this family communication via blog so very technologically advanced and cool?

If only I could get my parents to blog....*sigh*

Robin said...

Glad to hear that everyone is okay and that the other dad changed his attitude pretty quickly.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Robin said...

How nice of you to do Kay's dishes today :) You have a wonderful family!

Happy Thanksgiving!