Thursday, September 25, 2008

13 Thursday Things I Have Worried Over in My Life

1. That I have cancer

2. That my husband will die before me

3. That I will die before my husband

4. That one of my babies would die

5. That my dad would choke to death

6. That I would be grounded

7. That my house will never get cleaned completely

8. That when people get to know the real me, they will be horrified

9. That I will fall in a hole

10. That a nuclear bomb will hit somewhere near Denver, or Toledo, or Springfield (or wherever we have lived)

11. That my dog will run and jump and hit me in the face

12. That my husband will get too irritated with all that I am

13. About where Heaven is

Keep in mind that I don't worry about all these things at once. Some of them I worried about a long time ago. Some I worry about often. If all these things horrify or worry you about me (and I'm not absolutely sure I'm going to actually submit this entry), then let's just say I'm talking about someone else.


Kay Day said...

You talking about me?

I don't worry so much about falling into a hole, though. That never really occurred to me.

And a dog flying in my face... hadn't thought much about that, but we have a different type dog than you. Ours isn't very bouncy.

Momstheword said...

Most of those thoughts have zipped through my mind at some time or other. Some not at all. I never worried much about being grounded, although one time I couldn't go to a movie because I hadn't done my homework. Not the bomb thing much. The dad thing, no (but I understand). Actually I fell in a hole yesterday while feeding I.'s dog. I am surprised I can walk today but no damage I guess. And her dog got in my face. I am also a little fearful that YOUR husband will get irritated with all I am. :)

Julie said...

Well now I think I might worry about falling into a hole! That is a very real concern. Do you mean a pot hole, or a hole like a dried up well? I think falling into a mine shaft would be horrible! What if you irritated your husband, turned and fell into a hole and your dog jumped down on you and landed on your face? I say if you worry, go for a combo job. Saves time that way. :)

Momstheword said...

Let's just keep this all in the famlily, okay? Julie, you're a hoot.

QOTW said...

You all are fanny people. You make me laugh right out loud. What I don't worry about is being too odd to belong to this family!

Kay Day said...

excuse me? Isn't that a bit umm... personal? Rude? I don't know. Just keep my fanny out of it.

Robin said...

I too have allowed myself to worry about many of the things you listed. Since we don't have a dog I don't need to worry about that one.

Julie - you are so funny!

Okay let me rephrase that you are all funny :) and make me feel like I'm with my own family :)