Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kidney Stone Wars

My husband is having actual surgery tomorrow to break up a huge kidney stone that takes up the upper half of his right kidney according to the doctor. At 9:00 or so, he will have a wire put into his kidney through his back so later a tube can follow that wire into the kidney to be used to break up the stone. That actual surgery will be at 12:30 unless it is moved up, and it will last about three hours. He will come out of post op at about 4:00 when he will be taken up to his room. He will be in the hospital about two or three days. After that he will be out of work probably another week and maybe longer. Please pray for him.

Our son, Aaron, has also been trying to pass a kidney stone for about a month. He will talk to his doctor tomorrow and it's possible the doctor may decide a manual removal is warranted (possibly as early as tomorrow or sometime in the near future). Please pray for him.

In this war, I will be the negotiator, the go-between, the medical team, the guard, the military police and the cry baby. Please pray for me.


Momstheword said...

Aw, those poor guys! I've heard it is the closest pain a man can compare to labor pain. I'll bring it up to some who know him at church tonight, if possible.

Jen said...

you're a good woman. i'll call tomorrow.

Kay Day said...

Praying here! and you all are good warriors and The Battle Belongs to the LORD!!

QOTW said...

Thanks for praying.