Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth?

I read an article recently that someone wrote about blogs. She was very negative about blogs and blog writers. She didn't like that bloggers could say anything and not be accountable or tell the truth. She also said she had found a study that showed that 89.9% of people who wrote blogs on media websites have an education level below the fifth grade. She said that some people who read blogs accept what the writers have to say as Gospel truth.

I guess I don't have an overall knowledge of the blog world. I only know about the few blogs I read. I read some nearly everyday. Others I just read once in awhile. And others I only read once, and then I'm finished with them. Personally, I don't believe something just because someone wrote it. Maybe if the majority of the people reading blogs only have a fifth grade education, it's not surprising if they believe everything they read. The people I know who blog don't believe everything. They have brains. I have a brain. And while I love fifth graders, I don't think most of the readers have just fifth grade educations.

And one aspect of blog writing is that people CAN make things up, tell distortions, lie and exaggerate. But that is the nature of blog writing. I can believe it all or not.

I could be wrong about these things. But I'm not.

And I'm not lying.


Jen said...

You are a mess.

And so right.

Momstheword said...

I have to agree with that statement about people who comment on news articles. Have you read any of them? Most of them sound illiterate and profane. But not the blogs and commenters I am acquainted with. I think that those that we have access to are great.

Robin said...

I think the political blogs are the most dangerous. I've read some, but much more prefer blogs like yours from real people about the crazy things that happen in their life, prayer requests, and what they are learning.