Monday, May 5, 2008


On Sunday my husband and I went over to the pastor's house for dinner, which was very good--roast, potatoes, etc. While we were talking beforehand, I mentioned to the pastor that I had thought about our church having some five-day neighborhood Bible classes maybe in place of VBS. He didn't say, "That's an idea. Let's pray/think about it." He didn't say, "Tell me more about it." He didn't say, "I wonder what other programs or outreach could we have in the summer." He said, "Okay, when shall we schedule it?" He gave me some dates. I picked out the best time for me--the first full week in August-- and he said I am in charge and how many should we plan. So I'm going to be teaching at least two 5-day Bible clubs in August. I probably will be teaching a couple of training classes before that for others who want to participate.

I am both excited and flummoxed how quickly this was all decided. I kept looking at my husband to see what he thought about me doing all this. He never said anything. I asked him what he thought later when we were in the car. He said maybe I shouldn't teach more than two classes this year, and perhaps wait and see about having others handling the teaching in other neighborhoods just in case they don't know how or need to just help this first year.

I will need to take off half days from work to be able to do this. I think the pastor was excited too, because he wants to have outreach with our little church, and VBS hasn't worked very well in the past.

So again, the dye is cast, although in this case maybe the dye is still in its unopened container and changes could be made if necessary. Maybe God will use me to do something worthwhile.


Julie said...

Well...thats why I don't say anything! But you are more than qualified for the task bafore you. I often have very good ideas, but lack the skill to deliever. Such is life.

Momstheword said...

I'm an idea person, not a doer. :)That seems to be true as I've gotten older. Don't understand that at all.

Kay said...

Ok, so is it dye - like once the thing has been colored it can't be undone?
Because I always thought it was die, like in dice. Once you've rolled your number you can't do it again...