Thursday, May 15, 2008

13 Thursday Memories

1. When I was really young my family lived in Pueblo by the river and we had a black dog.

2. I once sat on my dad's lap and tried to push hard against him to try to make him not breathe.

3.When I wanted to talk to my mom but couldn't interrupt while she was talking to someone else, she would tuck my hand into the bend of her elbow while I waited.

4. I put my cat into a paint can and closed the lid in order to carry it around. It was a great carrier, but wasn't so good for the cat.

5. Once while my mom was visiting with someone in the kitchen, I cleaned the bathroom floor with baking soda and a toothbrush.

6. I once had a sore on my knee that wasn't healing and was about to turn into blood poisoning. I had to soak my knee several times a day in a dishpan.

7. My sister and I sometimes rode our bikes around the block 100 times to test ourselves. That was 400 blocks of riding.

8. Sometimes my sister and I pretended our bicycles were horses and we put ropes on the handlebars and they were the reins.

9. Once in a while my sister and I had 35 cents each and went over to the drug store a block away and had sodas. Umm.

10. My sis, the neighbor kids and I took old boards and outlined rooms and houses and played house.

11. In a neighborhood beauty contest, which included my sis, another girl and me, I came in last. Of course the two judges were the brother of the other girl and the boyfriend of my sister.

12. I started a club once and the dues I collected I buried in a plastic candy cigarette case at the corner of the house. I dug several times in that area and never could find the 7 cents.

13. Back then we could burn weeds out in the yard. When I played in the fire, my mom or dad would say that it would cause me to wet the bed. That happened often enough that I thought it must be true.


Jen said...

#2 may be the funniest thing I have ever read. It's right up there with the paint can cat holder.

Julie said...

Did the cat die? I see so much of Aunt I, and K, and you all three mixed up together. I wonder that your children might have a little of this genetic wonderfulness in them too? My mom once said that she really was suprised that K and I were as normal as we are, because of the two families that we came from.

Jen said...

Julie, I have never laughed so hard at my mother than I did when she told me the story of the cat in the paint can. She told it with so much conviction and guilt. She was practically on the verge of tears. It was hilarious. But maybe that's because I could totally see her reasoning for thinking it was the perfect carrier. I was also "that" child.

Kay said...

I thought #2 was funny too!

Are you going to tell any of sister's stories? I already know them. You know... preparing for Nazis and all that.

QOTW said...

I like the term "genetic wonderfulness."

My poor little cat.

I don't know how many stories I'll tell about how I treated Gail because in most (all?) of them I'm the bad guy.

Julie said...

But Gail told me she was prepared for an invasion, and help the child that thought it funny to tickle her...

Robin said...

Neat memories

Momstheword said...

Wasn't there something about something living under the bed and to not hang your hand over the edge because the something might grab it?