Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Too Random??

Someone just said she and her family raised doves when she was a kid and then they ate the eggs.

Someone's dog threw up this morning after eating a lot of grass, and apparently it looked like the green beans I've been eating.

I heard last night about a former youth director who is now dating one of girls who was in a different youth department way back when. She's 30 now and he's probably 35-40.

I heard about a goose hitting a deputy's car and breaking off the mirror. The deputy didn't get a good look at the goose, so he could not arrest it for criminal mischief or obstructing.

This morning one of my co-workers was late because her baby grandson threw up on her and she had to go get a new shirt at Wal-Mart.

Somebody gave me some Reader's Digests and I have been reading them. What do you call it when a pig hits you in the throat?................A pork chop. (I don't really have the joke right. This is what I am known for.)

I sometimes think that carrots taste a little like coconut.

My co-worker puts mouse traps in her yard but not for mice. She puts them around her plants so the dog won't eat them (the plants).


Julie said...

No, that was about the right amount of random-ness.

Momstheword said...

Those are some really cool events! How can you be so lucky?

Robin said...

Random is fun :) I guess you'd only have to step in a mouse trap once to know its not fun. Bet she has a pretty garden.