Monday, May 26, 2008

Random Thoughts

1. "Voila" (with an accent mark over the "a") is the spelling for what some people type as "wa la" or "wah la" and is pronounced "vwah la".

2. "Then" rhymes with "when". To remember the spelling of it, ask "When did it happen? Then is when it happened."

3. "Than" rhymes with "an". Say, "It is bigger than an egg."

4. Remember, "The cat has lain on the hat until it is flat." I haven't seen anyone using "lain" lately. How can we cause grammar revolution if we don't work at it?

5. We had steak on the grill today. Ummm.

6. My husband has been working on one or two kidney stones for a couple of days. Good times.

7. Gary and I sang a duet at church yesterday. I don't sing solos anymore and haven't for a long time. (Nathaniel, tell me about your schooling.)

8. I talked to Bryan, my brother-in-law, yesterday. Ben just graduated from college. Bryan is doing well.

9. My nephew, Caleb, and his wife also just graduated. Caleb has his master's degree.

10. My mother's birthday was yesterday. She has been gone for 10 1/2 years. I would be so glad to see her.

11. It's been raining off and on all day. The rain is wonderful even if it precludes a picnic. And rain is much better than tornadoes.

12. I talked to my Aunt Io. She has new kitties at her house.

13. It's great to have four days off. I took Tuesday off. We're not doing much, but that's okay. Jen, I got a purse. Thanks for it and the book. Grrrrreat!

14. I like northern Colorado but I would like to be closer to family.

15. The people on the corner have a Chinese pug. A cutie pie.

I think that's it for now.


Robin said...

I always enjoy your posts especially random thoughts :) because you share about your world.

Hope your day is great!

Momstheword said...

That was a great bunch of thoughts. I miss your mom too. Poor G. He has a hard time with that game of passing stones. :( Another word mistake is reign and rein. People mix those up a lot!

Jen said...

I'm sorry I didn't get you a purse myself but I have a hard enough time finding one for me, much less anyone else.

I wanted steaks on the grill today but my roommates couldn't get their act together.

Julie said...

Have you ever seen a French Bulldog? They look like mutant bat creatures. They have to have the vet breed them because the way they breath and all, they can have heart know with the excitement and all. Now how was that for a random thought? :)

QOTW said...

Thanks, Robin. You are good to comment.

Moms, I enjoyed your comments. Gary just went to doc. He's going to have a CAT scan.

Jen, you didn't need to get me the purse. Sorry no steaks for you.

Julie, I like the look of any wrinkled dog. I know the purebred ones have problems. But the dogs are really cute.

Anonymous said...

I was really excited to find your blog a couple of weeks ago, myself. And how thrilling to be mentioned specifically in your post! You have always been one of my favorite teachers. In fact, recently I've been trying to pass around some of your jokes, but I don't think I tell them as well as you did.

As far as school goes, in the fall I start my second of two years to receive a Master of Music in Choral Conducting at Florida State. It's terrifying and wonderful all at the same time. After a LOT of thought and discussion with friends and professors, it looks like I'm going to be teaching elementary music. Next on the to-do list: getting certified and figuring out where I want to teach (not necessarily in that order).

Send me an e-mail sometime ( and let me know what's going on in your life!