Saturday, May 3, 2008

All My Children

My daughter is a blessing to me. Since I lost my mother and my sister who were my best friends for my whole life, Jen has worked at taking care of me. She is concerned about what I am concerned about. She prays for my prayer requests. She sends great gifts for birthday, Mother's Day, and Christmas. She gives me advise and tries to get me to do things that she thinks would be good for me.

When Jen came home at Christmas, she paid to take us to the Denver Art Museum where we saw historical and famous paintings including one by Renoir. She was willing to rest when I wanted to and stay as long as I wanted to. She was very thoughtful and fun to be with.

Often in the past when Jen came home for a visit, by the third or fourth day we were starting to get on each other's nerves. Now we can go to the fourth or fifth day! (;> We have good times and I really appreciate her. She works at getting along and enjoying our time together. I wish I could see her more often, but she spends a lot of money to come home and visit, more money than I want her to.

My son is also a blessing to me. Currently he is living with me and my husband while he is working and going to school for landscaping. Often in the evenings he sits down and talks with me. He talks about his classes and what he is learning or what projects he is working on. Just like old times, he has wanted his dad or me to help with a project or two, which is enjoyable for us.

Aaron does housecleaning every week for me. He usually cleans the bathroom, sweeps the kitchen, or vacuums the living room. He also carries in groceries and helps put them away. He also lets me borrow his computer from time to time. My husband and I have a computer, but Gary uses is a lot of the time.

Aaron has always been and still is a nice person. I enjoy spending time with him. He feels like he spends more time with his parents than the average person his age, but he seems to tolerate it reasonably well. I know I'll miss him when he moves out after his schooling is completed.


Jen said...

Thanks mom!

I also love that you had to make sure and write the exact amount about each of us so as to make sure neither one felt less loved. You crack me up.

Julie said...

I wonder if Jen counted the words? :)
Q, you have always been the protector and champion of your children. I believe you have (and G.) done a brilliant job raising your kids. They are just the right amount silly, and the right amount smart with a little goofy mixed right in.

Momstheword said...

I know who they inherited the silly and goofy from but who did they inherit the smart from? On second thought, I think you're all silly, goofy and smart. And I also noticed the equality factor here.

QOTW said...

Well, actually I did have one of Aaron's paragraphs divided into two parts, and that made his part look longer than Jen's. So, as you see, I combined the two parts so they would look even. You are right. I don't want either kid to feel slighted. I was born trying to be fair.

I like the children to be silly, goofy and smart. I like that you noticed those things in them. Thank you for all the good comments. You are sweet people.

Julie said...

I also like how you decide to take the complement out of the silly-ness. Funny how in our family-all of us- we think being silly and goofy is wonderful...yet...we do! Makes life fun for all, and those who don't like it can just go pout in the corner.

Kay said...

I like those kids. I just wish I knew them better and could see them more often.
I really could come and see some of you now and then. It's not THAT far anymore is it?

Jen said...

You all should come down here. Let's have a family Christmas in Florida. How fun would that be?