Thursday, April 9, 2009

China or Bust

JEN IS GOING TO CHINA! She just found out yesterday.

Jen said I could put this announcement in my blog. She will be leaving around the end of July. She does get to come home for 2-3 weeks before she goes. It has not been confirmed what city she will go to yet, but she should find out soon.

Remember the old saying, if you go into a barn, does it make you a cow?

Well, if you live in China, does it make you Chinese? Maybe in some small way.


Momstheword said...

Would she be an American-Chinese? Exciting things for all of you. This is what you get for raising that girl to serve the Lord wherever.

Kay Day said...

How long will she be there? If she turns Chinese, will we recognize her?

Robin said...

Very cool! Is it for missions or ESL or something else?