Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Some Random Things

Jen drove home last weekend from Florida so she could leave her car and dog with us. It was a long, long way to drive. Now she is in NY near Buffalo doing some intensive training with the organization she will be working with in China. She will be home for a few days after that and then again for almost two weeks later in July. She has had an awful lot of stuff to do and still has plenty more to do. Please pray for her.

Jen's dog Gizmo and our dog Riley are having a wild time together. They run and play most of the time even when they are both worn out. They are getting along pretty well. Life has changed a lot for both of them--and for us. Both dogs are cuties.

I am looking ahead and starting to work on the Neighborhood Bible Clubs with my church which will held the first full week in August. Work + good times.

We had a potluck yesterday at work. Our theme was "Stuffed Stuff." We had stuffed tomatoes, stuff celery, stuffed enchiladas, stuffed empanadas, stuffed kraut burgers, stuffed shells (mine), stuffed cheese cake, stuffed strawberries, stuffed ice cream sandwiches, stuffed spring rolls, stuffed deviled eggs, and some other things. It was all good. We had really different things than we usually have.

On Father's Day both kids were out of town, although Aaron arrived back home mid-afternoon. Gary wanted fried chicken for his day--homemade fried chicken. I cooked one pan full and then told him I could fry the other pieces on some other day so that I could make gravy from the drippings to go with the meal. He decided he wanted all the chicken cooked (he was afraid I wouldn't fix it later) and that we could eat later in the afternoon. So we ate at about 2:30. Aaron got home just as we were starting to eat. He doesn't really like fried chicken, so he had some veggies and potatoes and gravy. Usually I would have fixed him chicken strips or something else, but I didn't know he was coming home so early (he can stand fried chicken strips). Anyway, Gary's been taking chicken for lunch all week. He's been very happy this week, at least at lunch time.

Apparently I don't have too many thoughts today. I just found out I have to proof a paper for somebody in the building, so I guess I'm quitting with the writing.


Julie said...

Are yous going to be at the reunion? I will, and my whole family ( at this time) When does Jen leave? Before August? I get out to Kays on Wed the 29th. Those were my thoughts for today.

Momstheword said...

I remember one time when you guys lived here (when Aaron was a baby), you were trying to diet and had fixed a good meal for the family and Gary wanted fried chicken so he fried him some. I haven't fixed or eaten home fried chicken for a long time. It's too easy to find in the stores, though it isn't fried in the same way.

QOTW said...

I don't know if I will be at the reunion. I always think I will go when I first get the letter, and then as the summer goes on, things stack up or I get unmotivated, or something. And now that I think about it, I think the reunion may be the day after I teach Neighborhood Bible Clubs all week--two classes a day, Monday-Friday. What's the date again?

Jen will be leaving for China on July 24, so she will miss the reunion and miss seeing you, Julie.

Moms, Gary does love his fried chicken.