Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Amazing Date!

June 10th. This is my 37th anniversary. It is also my husband's 37th anniversary. We were talking last night about this anniversary. When we got married we hadn't even thought about being married this long. It wasn't that we thought we would get a divorce...we just hadn't visualized the possible length of time a marriage could last.

Some of the events on our wedding day in 1972 included these special moments:

Gary's mom got locked out of the motel room before she had gotten dressed for the wedding.

My mom sat in grease in my dad's car on the way to the wedding and we had to rush down to the church kitchen to wash it out. Fortunately the grease came out.

When my dad and I were just starting down the aisle from the back of the church, he almost stumbled when all the people turned to look at us. I think he hadn't realized that was part of the fun.

Gary and I sang a duet during the wedding, "Day by Day." The pastor had told us we probably shouldn't plan to sing because at his wedding he passed out he was so nervous, and he was afraid we might have problems.

My sister sang a solo and so did our friend, Allen. Both did a wonderful job. Someone made the comment since we were having so many songs (three including ours), we should just have the choir sing. We didn't.

The ring bearer picked his nose up in front.

We had two flower girls, Kay (my cousin) and Jody (Gary's niece). We also had three attendants on each side (my sister was my maid of honor and two friends were the bridesmaids; Gary's two brothers and his friend Allen were the groomsmen). Our colors were yellow and white--very pretty in June.

As part of the postlude, the organist played "The Fight is On, O Christian Soldiers." The truth. I don't know what she was thinking!!!!

It was a great wedding. I loved it.

Gary has been a great husband and I'm so glad to have him. And he is glad to have me (or else). With God, we have created a unique life together.

I am hoping for another 37!


Kay Day said...

Also, Julie crammed kleenex up her nose till it, (her nose) bled.

That song - that's funny. The fight is on! Ha. I think you might like that.]


QOTW said...

I didn't know that part about Julie. Does she still do that?

Kay Day said...

She used to do it frequently, but my guess is that she doesn't anymore. But, who knows?

QOTW said...

Who nose?

Momstheword said...

Floyd and Agnes Norris were sitting behind us and Julie was standing on the pew looking toward them. Finally, Floyd tapped me on the shoulder and said I might want to do something about Julie. She had stuffed a tissue up one nostril. I still get the giggles when I think about it. They never had any kids and I'm sure it was horrifying to them. I also have a picture of Kay twisting the arm of the other little flower girl as they walk up the aisle. She was so nervous. I never knew about your Mom's dress or Gary's mother getting locked out. I do recall the nose picker and your Dad's sudden desire to run. :)

Julie said...

My nose didn't bleed! It just plugged. And I remember having mom use pluckers to pull the tissue out that night or maybe the next one. I looked adorable by the didn't mention that! Maybe thats why I felt the need to act out.?
You will just have to never know for sure about if I still do it. :)