Thursday, June 4, 2009

Respect your Mother

A co-worker's mother can't keep her house clean. She was a lousy mother when my co-worker was growing up (she was/is an alcoholic), she needs to sell her house and move--she should be able to see that.

Another co-worker's mother doesn't know about or understand all the technology. When she asks her daughter questions, she tells her she's not going to use the technology and she doesn't need to understand.

Another co-worker's mother didn't fix food the right way and treat her right when she was growing up.

These women act like their mothers are foolish, unable, and not willing to do things the right way. I don't like to hear that kind of talk.

When I was a kid, I felt family loyalty. I might have thought my mom and dad didn't do everything right, but I didn't want other people to know their faults. I think no matter how fallible our parents are, we should be respectful and protective of them and their reputations.

My mother was a great mother. Not perfect, but great. Why we expect perfection from others when we can't be perfect ourselves is not reasonable.

My mother taught me many valuable things: ironing, laundry, spelling, sewing, driving, hair curling, shopping, cleaning, dishes, cooking. She taught me to read the Bible and pray and go to church. She provided a piano and piano lessons and a clarinet, and camp and library trips. She made me obey and taught me respect for my dad. She was a good example.

My son and daughter treat me with respect. I know they respect my opinion and my abilities. I think (and hope) they say kind things about me to their friends.

Being a mother wasn't always easy for my mother or for me. We just tried to do a good job.


Momstheword said...

Yes she was a great mother but she was also a great sister. She was my mentor and hero. Sometimes mothers have a difficult time knowing how their children really feel about them. We all have regrets about doing something that we'd do differently now if we had the chance. I remember one day when you were washing the dishes and Gail was sweeping the floor. You said something about brushing the crumbs off the counter onto the floor because she had to sweep any way. She said, "Well, I wouldn't have to sweep if you didn't brush the crumbs onto the floor."

Jen said...

My mother is a great mother.