Thursday, December 11, 2008

13 Thursday Christmas Favorites

1. Christmas carols

2. 12 pounds of Christmas at work

3. Buying gifts for my family

4. Having both of my kids home for the holidays

5. Seeing other family members

6. Having the house all clean

7. Seeing Christmas specials/movies on TV

8. Hearing Christmas messages at church

9. Seeing the decorated Christmas tree with the gifts

10. Christmas Eve reading of the Christmas story from the Bible

11. Opening gifts on Christmas Eve

12. Guessing what's in most of the Christmas gifts for me and being mostly right (it kind of irritates the family)

13. Working on Christmas music for church in September or October


Momstheword said...

You sound very well grounded. Family life, church, God, all of that. :)

Robin said...

Is # 6 actually possible?

My family always opened gifts on Christmas Eve, but my husband and his family do on Christmas morning.