Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Program

My church's children's Christmas program was last night. It was very good. The children sang mostly traditional carols plus a couple of others while a Power Point slide show of the drawings the children had done was presented on the screen behind them. It turned out really well. Between songs, the kids took turns reading the Christmas story from the Bible.

Everyone enjoyed it. The pictures were amazing: some were very funny and some were cute; others made you ponder many things like the length of camels and donkeys (there was a "stretch" donkey in one picture), turtles, fainted shepherds and sheep, a duck, the balancing of a large urn on the hump of a camel, alien-looking donkeys and camels, a large curlicue on the top of Baby Jesus' head. It was all very entertaining, and definitely a wonderful presentation of the truth of Christmas.

My husband and I are happy with the results, but mainly we are relieved to have it finished.


Jen said...

I sure it was very cute. Just think, I'll be at church with you next week.

QOTW said...

I am defintely happy about that. I'll be so glad when you get home.

Julie said...

Jen, you will get to enjoy some nice cold weather! Maybe you will get snowed in and have to stay longer with you folks. That would be swell.

Momstheword said...

Julie: swell? I have been looking at my high school annuals and that word is written in there about 500 times.

Queen, sounds wonderful. Kids can be such amazing people (and other things also). You always do a good job with those things.

Robin said...

Sounds wonderful!