Wednesday, October 1, 2008


A place of healing
A place of noise
A place of movement
A place of frenetic activity
A place of talking
A place of walking
A place of waiting
A place of stress
A place of sleeping
A place of waking
A place of learning
A place of minding other people's business
A place of trying to do the exact right thing for a sick person and sometimes succeeding
A place of getting to know some hospital people after two surgeries and visiting for 25 hours
A place of finding the cleanest restrooms and eating cheap and sometimes tasty food
A place of hellos, goodbyes, kisses, hugs, laughing, joking, causing irritation and reminding many people of many things
A place of going from "bad to worse" to "okay" to "good" to "help" to "leave me alone" to "it hurts" to "why did she have to do that right now"

A place where generally things get better while being accompanied by pain--a good and necessary place


QOTW said...

Kay, thanks for the great new picture. I really liked the last one too. Q

Momstheword said...

Awesome post, Q. Boy, you were right on (I'm old, am I allowed to say that?) I understand the "reminding many people of many things" thing.

Kay Day said...

I understand the minding other people's business thing. :)

Good post. Very true.

You're welcome for the picture.