Wednesday, October 22, 2008

To write or not to write

I wish I had something to say. I really want to blog.

I considered writing something political, but that takes more courage and oomph than I have right now.

I've thought about writing down some random thoughts, but I don't really have any.

I thought about writing about mishaps I've been involved in, but I don't want to.

I don't want to write about sex, marriage, toes, wrinkles, the dog, my kids, or me.

I do want to say that so far today while I've been at work, I have spilled down the front of my shirt three times. Some people wear their feelings on their faces. I wear mine on my shirt.


Jessican said...

Blog post gold. Seriously. The build up to the last paragraph pay off was priceless.

Jen said...

LOL! I completely agree with Jess. Hilarious.

Kay Day said...

Sometimes the posts about nothing are better than those we feel like really say something.

Seinfeld had it right, I guess.

Robin said...

Love that last paragraph too. I've been spilling a lot on my protruding belly these days... I wonder if I've always been a klutz or if it just hit the floor before and I blamed the kids?

QOTW said...

It's always good to have someone else to blame for messes. Personally, I like to blame my son, my husband, my dog, my daughter and anyone else close at hand.

Momstheword said...

Are we related? I have a certain shirt that I ALWAYS have to spill something on. It's the law.