Thursday, October 2, 2008

Home from the War

Well, Gary came home from the hospital this afternoon. There was a lot of unplugging, disconnecting, signing and explaining. He's glad to be home--better in some ways; harder in others. He still has a tube in his back coming from the kidney and draining into a bag.

The doctor gave these orders for going home. Don't lift or bend. Don't do dishes or vacuum for six months. And don't ever do lawn work again. Funny man.

The war has been won, but a few small skirmishes still have to be fought. It's good to have everyone home.


Momstheword said...

I say get all the bad stuff done at the same time you guys! I am so glad things have gone as well as possible. Have things been a little grumpy? :) I hope this takes care of the problems for a long long time, forever would be best.

QOTW said...

Everything is good right now, but we know Gary has another large stone in the other kidney which will probably require the same operation in the future.

Things haven't been too grumpy. Grumpy just hits me like an arrow hits chainmail--not much damage. (;>

Julie said...

did he really say not to mow the lawn? What did he pay him to say that! Glad he is home.