Saturday, August 8, 2009

Random Thoughts

Yesterday was the last day for Neighborhood Bible Clubs put on by my church. We had a high day of 17 kids, and there were 7 children who asked Christ into their hearts. While the numbers we not nearly as high as last year's, the week was still a great success, and God blessed.

So today, I am tired. I suppose when you get tired because you are working for the Lord, it's a really good tiredness.

We talked to Jen this morning by Skype. It's so nice to see and hear her. She of course is really busy. We were able to sell her car yesterday, and she is really ecstatic about is. She had just made the current payment this past week.

I only worked 3 1/2 hours each day this week (except for Friday--I was off all day) because of the Bible clubs. I find that that is a schedule I could be very happy with!

The temperature is suppose to get down into the upper 50's at night this week. Wonderful. During the day it will probably be in the mid to upper 80's. Everything is still green because of the rain we've been having--very unusual.


Momstheword said...

We had VBS a week or so ago and there were 15 children who accepted the Lord. I only helped paint some of the background stuff. The staff worked really hard and did a great job. I think there were 60 some people from the church who were involved in one way or the other, bringing food, etc. My favorite one was when you guys were here and those sweet little girls came. Remember them? Those little sisters who would be learning whether they would live in Kansas or Colorado..depending upon the judge. Not with Mom or Daddy, but in Kansas or Colorado. Broke my heart.

QOTW said...

I loved the Bible School we were involved with there in Canon City. I think I've loved every Bible School I've ever been involved with. I feel like it's a time to really serve the Lord, not just talk about it and not just touch on it.

I don't really remember the little girls. We have four little Hispanic boys this week who attended Wed, Thurs and Fri. They all made professions of faith. You would have liked them too. Precious. A man who was the grandpa of three of them and the dad of one of them is the one who brought them. He has said he will (or may) try to come to church. I hope so. The grandpa had a new grandchild born during Friday's Bible club.

All good times. I'm glad your VBS was so successful this year. Important stuff!