Friday, August 21, 2009

Some Thoughts

Yesterday was my husband's birthday. I would say he is getting old(er), but since I am older than he is, it might imply something about me!

Well, anyway for the first installment of his birthday, he chose the meal he wanted to have cooked. Actually he grilled the steak, and I cooked the corn on the cob, the baked potato, and the mushrooms and then made the salad. He was happy. Aaron had already given his gift along with his Father's Day gift. I gave him a book and gift card. Jen is giving him cash.

On Friday night or Saturday, he will have the second installment of his birthday. We will eat out and he will buy the gift of his choice with Jen's money. Good times.

At work we have changed some of our work processes which has made it more difficult/involved to prepare/release information--many little steps. The advantages of doing things the new way are 1) we eventually will use less paper, and 2) we can email reports. BUT it doesn't make things easier. I'm just saying.

There's a touch of fall in the air some days. I look forward to fall, but I'm sorry summer is coming to an end. The temperatures at night are getting down into the 50's.

Our two little dogs make us laugh a lot. Riley barks when he hears something outside (however, he gets in trouble for that so he is getting better), and Gizmo barks because Riley does. If Riley runs down the hall, Gizmo is running and practically putting his feet on top of Riley's as they run together. Riley is Gizmo's life; Gizmo is Riley's cross to bear..sometimes. Most of the time it's all good.

That's all for now.


Kay Day said...

Those are some good thoughts.

Momstheword said...

I love those two dogs and I don't even know them. I want my steak medium rare. Thanks!

Julie said...

Happy late birthday Queen's husband!