Saturday, July 25, 2009

Jen's in China!

Jen left Denver Thursday night at about 9:00 for China. She finally arrived in Qingdao at about 10:00pm on Friday our time after a very long and tiring day. Praise the Lord she made it safely! God is good.

The time in China is 14 hours ahead of us, so she arrived there about noon on Saturday. She and some of the folks there walked to a restaurant for lunch. She says it is her new favorite place to eat. She says her apartment is big with a big living room and a very small kitchen.

At our house we are hooked up to Skype so Gary and I were able to talk to Jen and see her for several minutes this morning. It was great! This is a wonderful technology to have and use.

Even though Jen is way too far away, I'm very happy that she arrived safely and that she is happy with things so far. God is big and He literally has the whole world in His hands including Jen in China.

P.S. Jen shut down her blog and so I don't have access to any blogs that were listed in her blog list. I always went through her blog to read other blogs. Please respond to this blog or in email and give me your blog addresses. By the way she is setting up a new blog to tell of her adventures in China.


Kay Day said...

Brent says Skype is very, very unsecure. He won't even let us use it.
He used to be the guy in charge of security for Navigators in dangerous places, so he can advise you for something safer for Jen.

I'm glad she's liking it so far! Prayed for all of you that day.

Momstheword said...

So glad she's okay. My blog is called Momstheword, but you have to type in to get it. That is what I called it at first but Kay took exception to it :) so I changed it, or so I thought.