Monday, May 11, 2009

Random Thoughts

My husband went to the emergency room on Friday. He had a kidney stone that caused him much pain. He passed the stone on Saturday. He's much better now.

I attended a Mother's Day salad luncheon at church on Saturday. I was responsible for the music and I was the Emcee. It was fun. My salad was a pasta salad with noodles, cucumbers, tomatoes, bacon, orange bell pepper, onions, and low-cal Italian dressing. There were 3 or 4 other pasta salads there also. Humph.

My family was generous with me and so I get to go buy some clothes for Mother's Day.

Husband grilled hamburgers on Sunday. Very good.

Jen called and Aaron conversed with me on Mother's Day. It was all good. They are good children.

The dog hurt his eye on Sunday and could hardly keep it open some of the time. This morning it was much better. So glad.

The front lawn was aerated on Saturday, but the backyard didn't get done because the machine wouldn't fit through the gate.

When Jen gets home before she leaves for China, she wants to go fishing and on a picnic in the mountains. It will be great to have her home. She will be gone two years. That's a really long time.

We missed both of our mothers on Mother's Day. They were both wonderful women. No one else prayed for me like my mother.


Momstheword said...

I like your randomness. So daughter talks to you and son converses with you. Interesting.
I find Mothers' Day to be rather sad. It's a hard one to celebrate in a nursing home.

silent in crowds said...

I'll pray for you!