Sunday, May 17, 2009

Christ First

When Christ is first in a person's life (mine), it would look like this:

Eating habits will change.
Serving others will be a constant activity.
Bible reading will supersede all other reading.
Prayer for others will be a constant attitude.
People will hear words that will glorify God instead of self.
Love for others will be more noticeable to them.
Gossiping will be a cause for conviction by the Holy Spirit.
Time will be used more profitably.
There will always be a looking-out for opportunities to witness.
Sharing, helping, forgiving will all become a way of life.
Talking to the Lord about needing His help to live the way He wants will be a constant prayer.
There would be no attachment to sci-fi (most sci-fi does not exhibit a belief in the one true God. It's mostly humanistic.)

I can't do these things without the Lord's working in my life. He can't work in my life unless I ask Him to and then am willing to do as He directs. I believe if I ever truly live for the Lord, I will be a totally different person than I am today. I don't believe I have to change first on my own. I can't live like this on my own. Only God can change a heart and a soul. And it really would take a miracle.

But--we will only be perfect in Heaven. We have to live the imperfect, sometimes sad, life we have now that is hopefully growing and changing spiritually. This is done through prayer for help, reading God's word and applying it, being influenced by godly men and women, serving the Lord, and sitting under the preaching and teaching of the God's word in the local church.


Momstheword said...

Now that is real introspection! We all have an awareness of where we fall short but we can only live more like He wants us to.... if we put Him first above ourselves. Well spoken.

QOTW said...

Thanks for the comment. Q