Thursday, May 21, 2009

13 Thursday And Friday Thoughts

A co-worker is having plastic surgery to remove a lot of excess skin after losing lots of weight with the stomach surgery. She will be out 4 weeks.

Gary and I will have 4 days off. We are taking off Friday and there is a holiday on Monday. Yay!

When Gary raises his voice while watching sports on TV, our dog Riley thinks he's in trouble and has to be loved on to know he's okay.

After being close to 90 degrees for a day or two, today it's supposed to be around 60. Spring in Colorado.

The lady next to me is using "God" as a curse word. Sad.

Jen leaves for China on July 24.

I made stuffed shells on Sunday for lunch. Gary said it was the best thing I had made in a long time. Humph.

Gary heard something about selling a loved one's body after death to have it squashed and processed into a diamond. I think he was trying to tell me he's ready to make the sacrifice.

Gary, Aaron and I are going to meet my brother and brother-in-law and some of the kids for lunch at Castle Rock on Monday. We plan to have the larger family get together in July when Jen is home.

Gary is planning on the two of us working on cleaning out the garage this weekend. The trouble is, I had planned a different list of things to do, and it didn't include the garage. Humph!

My mother's birthday is on May 25. Memorial day used to be a time the family would get together for Mother's birthday and have a picnic. We are not as faithful to do this anymore.

The Bible says we shall return to dust. I think someone in this house (I'm at home now, not work) has already started turning. Won't someone please dust this house?!

We have to get new tires on my car. There goes the vacation money! What could be better!


Kay Day said...

I saw a woman who makes art work out of cremation remains. So you can hang the beloved on the wall.
You know... if the diamond thing doesn't work out.

QOTW said...

Thanks for the suggestion. It's good to have a file of possibilities, you know.